Work out in 30 minutes or less.

Hi.  Going to the gym this morning?  Oh, you don’t have time?  Not sure of what good it would even do?  Think again.

Here’s what I did.  I’m all about quality over quantity.  I have to make it count these days.  And I do what makes me feel good.  It’s tough, but hey, COFFEE.

Start by warming up on the stair stepper for just 5 minutes at a speed that’s comfortable for you.  If you have to, stop there.  Of if you’re like me, take the next 10 minutes to the treadmill.

This is the first time that I started off running in the first 5 minutes, or a very fast jog.  Only to up the incline and bring it down to a very brisk walk and then back to a jog.

2 exercises followed.

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Be strong and still. 

…. Prayers this morning. Off today and just wrapped up some stretching on the patio. Me and Cayden are getting ready for a funeral. Everything is ok. I happen to be off and am available to attend and since I know about it, and he was a childhood friend who passed unexpectantly.

Things that happened to me today thus far.

First, I woke up every hour, on the hour because of my darn pets being so extra needy.  Seriously, we don’t wake up in the middle of the night to eat or use the rest room.  You do these things before the lights go out, when everyone else is also getting ready for bed at the same time, end of story.

Then, I hear 3 knocks at the door.  Yes, only 3.  In fact, since there were only 3, I questioned whether I heard them at all, until I heard them again.  I might have slept through someone knocking at my door in the middle of any other night, but since I was already up, and fresh out of my ear plugs, which I keep meaning to pick up from the grocery store, I heard the 3 knocks loud and clear.  Literally, my head had barely hit the pillow.  It was an officer and I’m pretty sure that only officers knock that way, just so that you know.  He asked that I open my door and see if my car had been broken into, which I did, and it had not.

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Yogi, Yogi Aspirant, Yoga Newbie?

Whether you are a yogi, yogi aspirant, or yoga newbie, there are a lot of things that you probably had no idea about yoga.  You probably don’t even have a clue why you should care in the first place.  Probably you couldn’t even speak the language, or know the first thing to do with a yoga right or strap.  What’s a wedge and why do you need a yoga rug?!

First, 3 reasons why you need to be doing yoga already!

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Sports Medicine and Chiropractic Career Tracks

I am currently researching different career paths for Sports Medicine and Chiropractors and am looking at different degree plans and admission requirements from the following schools:

  • SHSU
  • Texas Chiropractic College
  • University of Houston Clear Lake
  • Texas Women’s University

I am almost certain that I plan to apply to the Texas Chiropractic College and dual study at UH-Clear Lake.  I am very interested in TCC’s Doctor of Chiropractic and UH’s Master of Science in Fitness and Human Performance.

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Have a thankful heart to have a joyful one.

Us three.

Be thankful to be joyful.  They said.  Okay, well I am very thankful!  So, I will be sharing with you all what I am thankful for.  I’ve got to get with the times already.  Of course I would write about being thankful this week, too, in light of the holiday.  While we are on the subject and talking about writing, I don’t write enough I know.  I plan to change all of that soon.  Do not worry about that.  So, first, lots of challenges this week, for your heart, mind, and body!

[ Scroll all the way down to go straight to the weekly mind and body challenge. ]

But first, take my thankful challenge.

My thankful challenge.  If you are not thankful yet, get thankful!  And if you already know what you are thankful for, and if you are not already on the FB thankful train, that where you post what you are thankful for, or if you haven’t pulled the person to the side to tell them you are thankful for them, or if you haven’t written it down.  If you are thankful and have done just one or none of these things, then what are you waiting for?!  If you are thankful, let it show always, and especially this week!  I pray all of you have thanks and share thanks this week!  I pray for you all that your hearts are thankful, joyful, and content.

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Hand stands are tough, thus is life.

I love this one post on Facebook and here this why.  First, a great photograph of a young beautiful woman with the following message.  (Not this picture, lol.  This picture is just little ol’ me.

She starts by describing an event, trip to Starbucks, her usge.  The barista said something right before she left and it’s already been years since, but it stuck.  The barista said something like, “your life must be golden.”  Here the thing, the woman in the post goes on to say.  Here is the thing.  The young girl who worked at Starbucks wasn’t being rude, or sarcastic, but totally genuine.  They always strike up a quick conversation, with a line of customers behind, and the girl in the photograph is always dressed well on her way to work, or a nice vacation, or somewhere else, that from the eyes of the young barista, was nothing short of amazing!

The woman in the picture wanted to say, no, my life isn’t golden.

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