Try this.

I’m gonna have to look a couple of these up.    

Man, 5 am is gonna come early. But that’s the plan. Good night. 

 PS, Becca won Lee Labrada’s contest last year, Lean Body for Her. She got to work out with Jamie Eason, fitness model from Houston, Texas. Cool, right?!

By the way, did you sign up for any fitness contests this year? Or, did you join any fitness Facebook groups? Will you be working out with anyone? Write those health and life goals down anywhere yet? What are you doing to hold yourself accountable in your life this year anyway? Do you go to Church? Sg 

My Black Friday Killer Workout.

Because it’s also the the day after being incredibly thankful, otherwise known as the one day out of the year that everyone always over does it eating with their families. Yes, the day after Thanksgiving! Here’s my post-holiday Black Friday killer WO!

But first, with my mini-me. (Though he takes directly after his father.) I’m so very thankful for him! And the opportunity to be a mom, and to be his mom!

Next is my workout.  I almost forgot to rate mine, don’t forget to rate yours!  When you don’t write these things down, you have nothing to look back at and nothing to compare it to.  We’re competing and working on our best self only!  To be better versions of our own selves, and not a second rate version of someone else.

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Hit them with that flex. 

From the work place this morning. Started the day w no power straight out of the shower. Got out the house at the last minute w wet hair and no make up. Least my coffee was finished making, so I grabbed my mug, I have protein in my office. And out the door I flew. Must flex on.

If you’re reading this, please say a prayer for C’s Mimi!!  She is his dad’s Mom, and she is having open heart surgery today.  And if you have a prayer request, add it in the comments and I will say a prayer.  I don’t have to approve/post comment, please disclose.  slg

Don’t be a DNB! My WCM.

I’ll admit. I had no idea who she was. My BF had to give me the scoop. It feels like a decade since I’ve watched a fight. But, she makes me want to know more about the sport and her. Who is Ronda Rousey?! She is my woman crush Monday.

Drool!! And these are some bad-A pictures!  Besides, who wants to be a (do nothing b*tch) !!!

Definitely, train mean ladies!!!

Respect the process.

If there is one thing that I have learned about getting in shape is that you must respect the process.  Everyone starts somewhere.  It’s like this.  My favorite quote, it’s in my office, it says, “Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.”  -unknown.  Everyone’s process is different.  It’s also all about timing.  Respect the time timing.  Yes, respect the timing of your life, yo!

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Tips from Nicole


Seriously though.  Maybe it is the adult in me.  Maybe not.  But I love my grocery shopping.  And so watching this 11 minute video pressed to Nicole’s blog earlier this month was great.  I learned some things.  And it was cool seeing the kinds of foods that Nicole eats and how she shops.   Continue reading

Sculpt yours like I do mine. 

Start with a warm up always. Me?  12 minutes on the eliptical.  I took my time.  Just enough to get the muscles warm, and the blood flowin.

Now, Squats! Go! Just. 3 sets. I started w the bar, no extra weight.  It had been a while, and so I concentrated on my form, and the flow, and my breathing. I didn’t want to sike myself out by feeling the need for more than 3 sets!  Of course I went up in weight. 12 reps each!

Then that tie-in with the hams!  Would have been more beneficial if I rested less, way less.  But, 3 sets, boom.  Next.

Straight-legged dead lifts.  Couldn’t get the feel for it till after I was home 30 minutes.  Only did a couple of sets.

2 power lifts!  Done.  Workout done.  I believe that there is a little power in any amount of time that you spend at the gym, whether 20 minutes of a half hour!

I mixed it up from last week.  Changed my focus.  Targeted different muscle groups.

Begin again. Always begin again. 

ME. Beginning again.  Kinda.  I tell you, I can still fit in my size 4 (dress slacks) even if they are tight.  And be under 20% body fat, and still weight in at 150 pounds (beginning of the day.)

If only the color of my pants didn’t blend so nice with the little shadow that is under my rear making it appear larger than it actually is!  I like my big butt, but I prefer bigger, not fatter!

Truth is everybody gets off track (fat.)  No, dude, I am not talking about your ‘fat arm.’    Cheat day(s), weeks.  Some a little more cheats (treats) than others!  For me, when this happens, the first place YOU will notice is in my tummy.

I joke and say its my mommy tummy.  I don’t actually have any stretch marks there, SO.  But the truth is I was cheating.  It’s not really my mommy tummy.  I think you should only be able to use that line in the beginning right after you gave birth, a period of time that is different from everybody.  My son is almost 11 years, and I have been in and out of shape a dozen times.  Fat and lean, fat and lean.  And the fat in my roll is not because I am a mom!  It doesn’t matter who you are, if you do it right, you can’t tell when you cheat!  And well, most people don’t do it right!

As I move back into my gym routine, I will also start cleaning up my diet.  Again.  I’ve been thinking on and off about tonight’s work out all day today already.  I just had to write this post.  And I took these pictures Saturday after a meal, which I planned to share with you this week.

Squats tonight.  Definitely working on that booty.  Would you like me to post a video?!  It might be my first video.