Work out in 30 minutes or less.

Hi.  Going to the gym this morning?  Oh, you don’t have time?  Not sure of what good it would even do?  Think again.

Here’s what I did.  I’m all about quality over quantity.  I have to make it count these days.  And I do what makes me feel good.  It’s tough, but hey, COFFEE.

Start by warming up on the stair stepper for just 5 minutes at a speed that’s comfortable for you.  If you have to, stop there.  Of if you’re like me, take the next 10 minutes to the treadmill.

This is the first time that I started off running in the first 5 minutes, or a very fast jog.  Only to up the incline and bring it down to a very brisk walk and then back to a jog.

2 exercises followed.

2 sets at seated leg press.  Started with 70#, 25 reps, and then finished at 90# and 15 reps.

Last, but certainly not least, squats.  3 sets.  70# plus bar, 90#, 100#.  It was just enough. slg.

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