Sunday Funday!       

Church, check.

Lunch with friends. Check. (I actually ordered this time, there’s always plenty of money in the beginning of the month.)

Then fast forward a few hours for a couple hours….

With warm clothes, a blanket, journal, and my book with me. Because this isn’t my first time hanging out at no skate park. But it had been a while.  And because it was FREEZING outside.  Gotta be one of the coldest days of the year.  Then you see this picture of my son wearing only a sweatshirt.


So I exaggerate a little.  Besides I live in Texas.

And Cayden, he was just a little rusty. Writing this post now a few days late. It just so happens that today he actually wiped out on his scooter. Ouch. Except only he was outside at the casa, and I wasn’t quite home yet. Poor baby!

Update:  Kid got himself out of chores the next day and I got a call from the nurse’s office.  I mean, I’m not the first one to just stop what I’m doing and run to take him to the doctor.  So, he aggravated it a little during recess.  It did hurt to breath, he said.  But the nurse checked all of his vitals and I talked to him.  SO back to work I went.

Here he is above, the one on the left -in motion. Never a dull moment.  He tried a few new tricks, I mean it had been a couple years almost.  Gear still fit.  Handlebars could have been adjusted just maybe, they were after all near upside down.

I swear, and I’m not just saying this because he is my son.  Jk- but now seriously, he is good at just about everything that he does.  He is just good enough to excel enough at just about everything enough.  At least, when sometimes given a chance.

See it just goes to show, and I just saw this somewhere else, but persistence, good attitude, and hard work pay off no matter what.  I totally paraphrased.  Still.  Write that down.

  And I just love black and white photographs.

PS, the reason we came to the park is because we were asked to come by one of the kids at the apartments where we live.  Cayden’s got a handful of good buddies and it was such a good afternoon.  slg.

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