Protect our 2nd Amendment! Right to bear Arms!

What executive order Mr. President?!

The one where you try to undermine the 2nd amendment which gives the American people the right to have and bear Arms?!  It’s our right and it must not be infringed!

But, not cool.  Course I’m not surprised you would do something like this either.  Can your term be up any quicker, my gosh!

You are always going about doing stuff the wrong way!  And all these vacations!

Yes, you are infringing our right by changing it when it doesn’t need to be changed in the first place.  Of course I don’t necessarily believe you are taking away our guns, nor do I believe I won’t be able to buy one or more!  Besides, I get it, you didn’t say that exactly, not yet.

You haven’t said it all yet.  I guess you are waiting for next Tuesday when you address our Nation.  Well I don’t like it.  I don’t trust you.

I’m all for having rules, and making and embracing change.  But you are talking about our Constitution!  You are talking about the 2nd Amendment.  And an executive order, really?  Now?  To commit right now to spending so much money and to make a mess out of trying to fix what doesn’t need to be fixed in the first place.

This is about something else for you I think.  I’ve heard it said like this, that you just can’t help it, you are just so determined to touch the 2nd amendment, especially now.  But an executive order, really?!  And all of those dollars spent on extra employees for all of the extra backgrounds when we all know that guns don’t kill people, people kill people!

You’re going about it the wrong way.  Too bad our leaders can’t work on this kind of stuff together.

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