When you ask your friend to take your pic.

Working out with friends is the best!  Not only do they make your workout super fun, but you also get to see them and hang out with them at the same time.  It really is the best of both worlds, and yes, you are actually killing 2 birds with one stone.

You two can talk, bounce ideas off one another, push each other, lift each other up, and laugh till you can’t laugh any more.  They will also take your picture when you ask.  These were snapped by my best friend.  We were hanging in the back, just a half hour before we got down in the gym!


I love head stands.  They are easier than hand stands, that’s for sure.  They are still challenging.  And fun.  Head stands are just sill enough.

When I asked my friend to take these pictures, and she obliged, “I’ll be your photographer,” she said.  I ran inside to grab my “props.”  This gray square pad is on top of a square piece of ply wood.  For added comfort and a good strong and hard surface!  Great for practicing outdoors!

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