By far my best hour this year.


Three pictures in, and you’d think my son would be getting my attention by now.  He would be busting my chops a little because I even took one, not to mention three pics when he wasn’t even ready.  He’d probably say, “Chillax, Mom.”  Just Chill, he says, chillax.  My 5th grader didn’t say these things this time though.

He let me snap these pictures.  There was no after face where he gives me the look, or scowls at me.

My 5th grader even obliged his old mom for a couple more.  I didn’t even push his buttons when I tried to get the dog in with the cat at the same time.  He smiled, and it was for real.

Why, you ask.  Well, maybe because it was so gorgeous weather outside finally.  Maybe because we were waiting for his dad, or have just had the best hour at our Church.  Maybe this isn’t even my son in the picture.  Maybe it is only a version of my son, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he’s been replaced with an alien version of himself.  (My Toastmasters friend can probably appreciate that, she could write the book on aliens as children.  That was a great speech, hers about the alien versions of her teenagers!!)

Whatever the case.  We have sure been enjoying each others company these days.  What a wonderful Christmas vacation and break from the hustle and bustle.  I’m as ready as I can be to go back after several days off in a row, the first in months.  I am looking forward to another great year!  Because they’re all good!  Every year that I am still here.

I couldn’t be more appreciative of being surrounded my family and friends in my darkest moments in the end of the year though.  Whatever you do, don’t take them for granted.  I’d rather my Mom blow up my phone, too, then not be there at all.  If there is someone that you haven’t talked to in a while, pick up the phone already.  Stop waiting for them to call you.

Started the year off right.  We made it for worship and fellowship at 9:30 service a few miles down the road.  Life is good because it is a choice I am going to make every day in 2016, no matter my circumstances.  Too blessed to be stressed!  Slg.

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