Things that happened to me today thus far.

First, I woke up every hour, on the hour because of my darn pets being so extra needy.  Seriously, we don’t wake up in the middle of the night to eat or use the rest room.  You do these things before the lights go out, when everyone else is also getting ready for bed at the same time, end of story.

Then, I hear 3 knocks at the door.  Yes, only 3.  In fact, since there were only 3, I questioned whether I heard them at all, until I heard them again.  I might have slept through someone knocking at my door in the middle of any other night, but since I was already up, and fresh out of my ear plugs, which I keep meaning to pick up from the grocery store, I heard the 3 knocks loud and clear.  Literally, my head had barely hit the pillow.  It was an officer and I’m pretty sure that only officers knock that way, just so that you know.  He asked that I open my door and see if my car had been broken into, which I did, and it had not.

Waking up all night meant only an extra hour of near-sleep for me, once the officer incident was over.  Mind you, I inevitably overslept anyway, making me a tad bit late to my weekly Toastmasters meeting, where I won my 4th award, might I add.  So everything is all gravy, baby.  And now I’m thinking a lot more about my 2nd speech that is upcoming, and about half through my work day, and yes, I checked my social media and also wrote this blog, which is fine, because I’m working through my lunch (hence while I write this blog.)  Besides I stayed at work a little late yesterday anyway.  So.

Then this particular article caught my attention about China, and so very well written, too.  The article is about marriage and dating and singles in China, I was a 23-year-old guy at a 4,000-person Chinese singles party, was very interesting.  A blog here on WordPress, as a matter of fact, called Quartz.  It’s why I’ve also now subscribed, because world news, right.  I even picked up on the reference the Chinese journalist made about having one child, now 2.  (Because, China just changed this national policy for families there.)  Actually, it was written late last month, so it’s not new or anything.

This particular blog is also the reason for me giving myself this new title, Ms. Golightly, 1982, from Houston.  It’s what I’m leaving you with.  All of this nonsense in my post about my morning, and Toastmasters, and now this quite peculiar blog/report.  I wanted so badly to be able to comment on it, but I don’t think there was a place to comment?  Can you imagine being referred to by your last name, birth year, and place of birth if you are single while also attending a singles party for 4,000 people?  Even sometimes in your introduction referencing your annual salary, say you make 35k or $65,000 per year?!

This was the case for a Chinese journalist who reports and writes for Quartz, a blog about world news.  By the age 28, you are considered “old” to be married, as the new national marrying age is 24.  He didn’t disclose his current salary though.  Parents often push their children to attend these events, as there is pressure once they graduate to find a spouse and start a family.  This particular event there were posters with your profile picture, birth year and place, as well as salary.  Posters!

Just so you know, the ratio of women to men in China is near 4,000 to 2,000.  There are now jokes, apparently, says Huang (the author) that say they will allow for women to start taking more than one husband.  The journalist was unlucky in his search for love on this particular quest, but his description of the whole thing was kind of eye opening, if you ask me.  I mean, especially if you compare singles and marriage culture in China to your own country’s!  Thank God there is no pressure, here.  I mean, unless you want to start a family and have children.  Of course, now days you don’t need a spouse, or family, or even someone of the opposite sex to do these things, so.

Could you even imagine going to a “matchup” event like the one in China because you are not married and already in your late 20’s?!!  Eeekkk!  Qheping Huang really tells it like it is, I just want to know what happened for him next, after he attended.  I know he didn’t meet anyone there, no one except one of the mothers of a potential suitor.  Did he get to go out with her though?  What did he call it?  “Marriage marketing.”  “…[being] listed on the wall for buyers.”  If only I could go back in time and use this in one of my discussion responses on Blackboard for my Anthropology course!!  Read the full article, here.

VR, Slg

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