Yogi, Yogi Aspirant, Yoga Newbie?

Whether you are a yogi, yogi aspirant, or yoga newbie, there are a lot of things that you probably had no idea about yoga.  You probably don’t even have a clue why you should care in the first place.  Probably you couldn’t even speak the language, or know the first thing to do with a yoga right or strap.  What’s a wedge and why do you need a yoga rug?!

First, 3 reasons why you need to be doing yoga already!

  1. For your mind, body, and soul. For moments of solitude, for pure relaxation, and for necessary therapy.  To let go, to just be, to pray.
  2. For fitness, flexibility, body movements, and strength. For healing.
  3. For fun.

This blog is everything I know now about yoga right now.  Because I’m a yoga newbie.  Who knew that I have so much to learn!  And so little did I know!

Like who knew there could be so many props and gear!  Yoga straps, bands, yoga slings, wedges, blocks, rings, towels, yoga blankets, yoga mats, wheels, yoga pillows, rugs, yoga bolsters, candles, balls, and foam rollers.  To name a few things.

To be honest, I still have to look at a guide to know what from what!  That’s a prop guide!  Good thing I stumbled across this free Yoga Prop Guide at http://www.huggermugger.com/yoga-props-guide.

I am only practicing a little, and stretching a lot!  Ha.  I have learned even more about my body this way, through practicing yoga.  I’ve prevented an old running injury from coming back for good going on a year now, at least!  All because I take the time to stretch my hip flexors correctly.  Yoga.

And since this girl has a budget and it’s Christmas, a new yoga mat just isn’t on my list.  Neither is joining a yoga studio right now for a class.  Or I would!  I’d attend a class all right, AND

I’d get this mat, a Liforme Yoga mat!

It’s obviously well liked first because of its unique alignment system printed on the mat.  It comes in cool assorted colors, is extra-large in size, and the purchase includes a bag for extra easy transport.  It better include a free bag, this mat sure is pricy.

Liforme Mat


Cool celebrities like Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba probably use one.  I bet you didn’t know they practiced, or, Lady Gaga, Gisele Bundchen (and she’s really, really good,)

Gisele Yogi


Emmy Rossum, Britney Spears, and Beyonce!  Okay, maybe some you could have guessed have practiced a time or two, especially if you saw the rest of celebrity yoga photos at elle.com.

How about, did you even know there is a difference between meditation and yoga in the first place?!  Or is there.  Our modern definition is a little different than the real definition.  Basically the key ingredients of yoga are the same key ingredients of meditation.  The word ‘yoga’ basically means “union.”  It’s not only a word to describe the state of union but is also the means to attain this state of union, or yoga, or meditation.  You see, they are the same thing.  J  You practice a state of union, you practice attaining a state of union or meditation.

Okay, short version is that yoga is the practice of focusing on a relaxed body, calm mind, with proper breathing and control.

How cool is this yoga stuff though, really?!  “Through steady practice, discipline, devotion, non-attachment and various spiritual ideals it is said that one may ultimately learn to enter the state of Samadhi willfully.”

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140609195722-22836944-key-differences-between-yoga-and-meditation Source.

Oh, but don’t forget to always end your yoga practice with, “Namaste.”

-says YogiApproved.com.

There are more yoga poses and yoga vocabulary words than I know what to do with.  Not to mention that there are about a million and one ways that you can practice.  Flying yoga,

A cool yogi’s blog, www.thejourneyjunkie.com

Now, namaste.  Check out these virtual classes, http://www.doyouyoga.com/courses/ .


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