My Black Friday Killer Workout.

Because it’s also the the day after being incredibly thankful, otherwise known as the one day out of the year that everyone always over does it eating with their families. Yes, the day after Thanksgiving! Here’s my post-holiday Black Friday killer WO!

But first, with my mini-me. (Though he takes directly after his father.) I’m so very thankful for him! And the opportunity to be a mom, and to be his mom!

Next is my workout.  I almost forgot to rate mine, don’t forget to rate yours!  When you don’t write these things down, you have nothing to look back at and nothing to compare it to.  We’re competing and working on our best self only!  To be better versions of our own selves, and not a second rate version of someone else.

Here is my work-out. I almost forgot to rate my workout. I give it an almost 8. Because if I had just given it an extra 10 minutes!!

And there is still time for you to go to the gym! Today Or, do it tomorrow! Or the next day!  Because trust me, I get it.  We are all busy!

These next weeks I am getting back to the basics, the lifting basics. I will be consistently practicing my form doing the many different variations of dead lifts and squats! As in my workout earlier, I always concentrate on using good form, and doing slow, regular movements. That’s a tip for you! Because quality, not quantity!

Also, don’t forget to look up the correct form if you don’t know it, or don’t remember.  Fact:  I sometimes spend nearly 10 minutes reading up on the correct form and movements of my workout on the way out the door to the gym!

Especially those glute isolator reps!! Because those glutes though.

Best! slg

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