Improvising. At the work place and on the job. For the everyday working professional.

20130106-003515.jpg  Improvising is eating a half eaten cookie in your purse and a rice krispie treat, because it was either eat something or don’t eat at all for hours.  I feel like my body probably burned off the sugar pretty quickly.  Maybe it gave me a boost in my energy.  (Getting stuck in Houston without your wallet and you have TWO appointments!!)  Or you’re just plain broke.  😦  Lol.  (Is it pay day yet?)

Improvising is going to work without lunch money yourself, after sending your kid off with lunch money, but you know you have groceries in the bottom desk drawer at work.  Except, only you get there, on time, and all you have is a microwaveable Velveeta cup and some protein powder but no shaker…

…So you pour coffee from the full tumbler you walked in with, into the spare coffee cup you just washed and cleaned out of last week’s dried coffee in the bottom.  And you use your tumbler for shaking your protein!!!  Worked like a charm.

Then you down the protein before you finish eating the Velveeta cup, and voila!  At least you have some good nutrients with the bad!  And your body gets some protein AND some carbs!

It’s looking like I’ll be finishing my coffee and drinking a lot of water the rest of the day.  My options are oatmeal (healthy carbs), can of tuna, and maybe a Ramen Noodle Soup.

What’s for lunch today?!  Happy Flex Friday!  Also, you guys!  This pic was taken about 4 years ago!!!  #flashbackfriday

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