Learn to do the splits. 

Practicing the splits only requires patience, a little time, and for beginners, a yoga block.  Then first, before you get started, watch the following video.

I like to run on occasion and stretching is very important.  So is gaining back my flexibility, which I lost during my 3rd trimester, first and only pregnancy, almost 11 years ago!!

With yoga, I can get my flexibility back and help my strength and endurance training through stretching exercises.  Concentrating on running exercises, and hip opening/unlocking exercises are my favorite, and are super important to me.  I am trying to learn how to do the splits using a yoga block here.  You can also get right in front of the wall.  See one of the last pictures in this post.

Practicing yoga, just grab onto anything, a ball, a small stool, stand behind a chair, use the counter tops!  Whether you are practicing standing exercises, or closer to the floor on the mat, you can find something to assist you in holding your poses.  And, practice, practice, practice.

I realize this is not the best quality picture.  Ouch, is all, holding this pose and taking a picture.  The first time I heard to use a wall to practice and aid you in doing the middle splits, I could not make any sense out of the way she described it in her post telling me how to do it.

All you do is stand in a straddle with your back directly in front of a wall heels to the baseboards.  Widen your straddle, lowering your body all the way down in front of you, opening up your hips.  Use your arms to hold yourself up in front of you, and then go lower, body lowered down to your elbows as you rest of your forearms.  Your butt is in the air, back against the wall, as are your heels that are still pressed up to the baseboards.  And hold it.  Count to a 100, or time yourself for one minute to start.  Do it again if you can.

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