Respect the process.

If there is one thing that I have learned about getting in shape is that you must respect the process.  Everyone starts somewhere.  It’s like this.  My favorite quote, it’s in my office, it says, “Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.”  -unknown.  Everyone’s process is different.  It’s also all about timing.  Respect the time timing.  Yes, respect the timing of your life, yo!

As I take these pictures, wearing all black.  I am feeling like a slimmer version of my “extra curvy, full, and bloated” self.  I have got in some good workouts, but cleaning up my diet is always the bigger chore.

I enjoyed my weekend and some extra sweets, cheats, and adult beverages.  Glad that I got a little quick cardio in late yesterday after some fun in the sun.  And I am most definitely looking forward to my gym sesh this evening!  I think I’ll head on over to Nicole’s site at some point, for a little inspiration!

Weekend highs:  swimming, old friends.  dinner, drinks, live music, pool party, great work outs, Church.  Finding summer programs that have not started yet for Cayden!  The nae nae song.  Church service.  Hanging out with Cayden.  Home cooked meals.  🙂

Weekend lows:  Some rain, lots of extra treats, canceled boating trip in Matagorda Bay.  Didn’t do enough work on the computer.  Had to work for a few hours on Saturday for an event at a Church in Houston.

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