Tips from Nicole


Seriously though.  Maybe it is the adult in me.  Maybe not.  But I love my grocery shopping.  And so watching this 11 minute video pressed to Nicole’s blog earlier this month was great.  I learned some things.  And it was cool seeing the kinds of foods that Nicole eats and how she shops.  

Here are those things I learned.

1. Nicole is around 13 weeks out from the Olympia.  She prefers more than 12 weeks of prep.  At the time she posted the video she was still 16 weeks out.

2. Brown rice and wild rice are higher in fiber and slower digesting.  Nicole still prefers white rice, which is OK.  (Ok, so some of these things I did know already, regarding brown rice.)

3. She will use the pre-packaged rice outside of her prep season, but makes everything else fresh.  No additives!  (ha, this makes me feel better, it is certainly more convenient, individually, pre-packaged.)

4. Breakfast is oatmeal, oat bran, or cream of rice.  Nicole tries to stick to a gluten free diet and buys the gluten free kind.  (This interested/surprised me, that she eats gluten-free.  Hmm.  Because of all the hype about gluten.  Anyway, I still don’t buy into any of it unless you are seriously allergic.)

5.  Mostly she can get everything at her local grocer, Sprouts Farmer’s Market.  (Cost Co. and Trader Joe’s are good places near me, fyi.)

6. She doesn’t buy all organic.  I was surprised.  She commented how expensive it can be, which is something we all know!  That’s pretty real of her, if you ask me.

7.  Other things on her list included:  blueberries and raspberries, 8 cucumbers (1-2/day she says.  And the crispier, the better.)  Just a few sweet potatoes, and a couple avocados for the week.  Lots of baby spinach, and 4 or 5 apples.  (Of course, closer to the end of her prep she will cut out all of the sugar, and fruit.)  So, lots of chicken, and farm fresh tilapia, and some steaks!

So, she buys 5-10 pounds of tilapia a week.  Cuts out most red meat, but allows herself some red meat.  Other lean meats, ground turkey and chicken, of course.

Tilapia to save money over buying Cod.  Loves salmon.  Tilapia is usually the most inexpensive and also, easier to digest.  For Nicole, it’s obviously about how her body responds to the things she puts inside of it.

8. Hard boiled eggs.  Nicole loves her hard boiled eggs.  I was curious how many she bought for her week of prep.  She buys the already hard boiled eggs, they come in a bag.  She usually clears the whole shelf, as she will eat one bag a day, minus the yolk of course.  (There is no cleaner protein, which is all she cares about.)

9.  Water, unsweet tea, and coffee only!  She actually has a hard time getting in all of her water, imagine that.  She is like the rest of us after all!!!  Not such a super human anymore.  😛

Anyway.  I am a member of her website, and I am a big fan.  I love Nicole for a lot of reasons.  She interests me a lot.  You know, because we have so much in common.  Ha.  No, but I think she is pretty amazing.  And she gets a lot of people judging her and critiquing her physique.  A lot of attention about her size and body type.  A lot of women competitors do.  A lot of women athletes, and muscular, fit athletic women in general.  Something I can relate to, for sure!  Just saying.  People can be so quick to judge.  Especially with all the newer hype surrounding the crazed fitness fanatics and the fitness industry, and surrounding the world of competing.  That is all.

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