Foreword: Mickey Mouse Motivates

Yes, Mickey does motivate.  I think it is very interesting, the different ways some of the really coolest places in the US and world operate.  “Disney World strives to understand the type of people it is attracting,” Charles tells us in his book.  I think it’s interesting from both a personal and professional perspective.  As a future business owner, current business student and professional, and as a tourist, fan, and parent!  Image result for mickey mouse

Anyway, Comic Belief, volume 1.  I have started reading it finally, rather I am starting to read it.  Today.  (I’m about to leave work as soon as I finish up a couple things.)  I have owned the book for at least 2 years now.  Written by Charles Lowery, who is awesome.  I have had the opportunity to hear him at my old Church now almost a small handful of times.

Back to Disney.  It’s about relationships.  Such is life.

…Disney World says that success is achieved through successful relationships with people.  To establish a good relationship with someone, you must understand his story.  Charles goes on.

I’m pretty excited.  As I sort out my life, (make my lists).  The chapters were written for me.  I mean, come on.  “Relating to Relationships,” “Balancing Act,” “Hang-ups & Bang-ups of Life,” “Family Time,” “M&M (Miscellaneous Motivation,)” “Attitude,” “Personal Belief!”  I love how Charles says “M&M” is for “Miscellaneous Motivation.”  That is definitely his humor talking, in case you do not know!

But Charles says this about relationships, and understanding people and their stories.  “I have discovered that illustration is more personal than instruction.  Stories make instruction personal, therefore more powerful.  And humor is important, too; it moistens the needle and lowers the defenses.”

Because it’s like this.  It’s about understanding the human spirit.  “To establish a good relationship with someone, you must understand his story.”  -Charles Lowery, Comic Belief.

This book is going to be full of good quotes.  Sorry in advance.  I’ll leave you with another quote.  From his foreword, “I have discovered that our personal success also lies in stories.  True success in life is to fully live our own story and enable others to live theirs.  We should all have stories to tell in our companies, our churches, our synagogues, and our families.  Our lives should be stories in progress.”

And this, my friends, is my story.  😀

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