Sculpt yours like I do mine. 

Start with a warm up always. Me?  12 minutes on the eliptical.  I took my time.  Just enough to get the muscles warm, and the blood flowin.

Now, Squats! Go! Just. 3 sets. I started w the bar, no extra weight.  It had been a while, and so I concentrated on my form, and the flow, and my breathing. I didn’t want to sike myself out by feeling the need for more than 3 sets!  Of course I went up in weight. 12 reps each!

Then that tie-in with the hams!  Would have been more beneficial if I rested less, way less.  But, 3 sets, boom.  Next.

Straight-legged dead lifts.  Couldn’t get the feel for it till after I was home 30 minutes.  Only did a couple of sets.

2 power lifts!  Done.  Workout done.  I believe that there is a little power in any amount of time that you spend at the gym, whether 20 minutes of a half hour!

I mixed it up from last week.  Changed my focus.  Targeted different muscle groups.

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