Begin again. Always begin again. 

ME. Beginning again.  Kinda.  I tell you, I can still fit in my size 4 (dress slacks) even if they are tight.  And be under 20% body fat, and still weight in at 150 pounds (beginning of the day.)

If only the color of my pants didn’t blend so nice with the little shadow that is under my rear making it appear larger than it actually is!  I like my big butt, but I prefer bigger, not fatter!

Truth is everybody gets off track (fat.)  No, dude, I am not talking about your ‘fat arm.’    Cheat day(s), weeks.  Some a little more cheats (treats) than others!  For me, when this happens, the first place YOU will notice is in my tummy.

I joke and say its my mommy tummy.  I don’t actually have any stretch marks there, SO.  But the truth is I was cheating.  It’s not really my mommy tummy.  I think you should only be able to use that line in the beginning right after you gave birth, a period of time that is different from everybody.  My son is almost 11 years, and I have been in and out of shape a dozen times.  Fat and lean, fat and lean.  And the fat in my roll is not because I am a mom!  It doesn’t matter who you are, if you do it right, you can’t tell when you cheat!  And well, most people don’t do it right!

As I move back into my gym routine, I will also start cleaning up my diet.  Again.  I’ve been thinking on and off about tonight’s work out all day today already.  I just had to write this post.  And I took these pictures Saturday after a meal, which I planned to share with you this week.

Squats tonight.  Definitely working on that booty.  Would you like me to post a video?!  It might be my first video.

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