I got it. 

When I grow up I want to be my own boss.  I will finish my school in the next 5 years, complete with masters!  (My MBA.)  And in the next 10 years I hope that I can be in business for myself!  Until then I will live even more modestly and reasonably and within my means!  Most important is that last one.

Boo!  That means buying a ‘hand me down’ couch.  And other stuff.  How about you?  Do you live within your means?  In debt?  Can you afford your lifestyle?  Are you doing anything about it?  What is your 5-10 year plan and how are you going to get there?!

I am starting my list of things that make me happy, that I love, and that I want in my life.  The positives.  And then the things that I don’t want in my life.  etc.  How else will you get there if you don’t write that sh*t down.  Best piece of advice I ever got, one of them, is that whatever you want in life, whatever your goals are, write those goals, dreams, aspirations down!

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