Storm waiting in Magnolia, Texas.

I am waiting on the storm.  This is the calm before the storm.  These pics were taken about an hour ago.  It’s actually starting to get a little cloudier.  It’s a little cool in Magnolia,TX.  Our office closed and I am taking advantage of and loving every moment of being home today from work and with C.

So, this is my patio.  I love it about as much as I love my gym.  In fact, I have done some yoga out here, and I also keep a few small light weights on hand, tucked just out of plain sight.  But my patio.  I must have rearranged my plants about a dozen times to where they are right now.  Gardening is something else that I love to do when I am not working out.  In fact, I am slowly but surely bringing life to my front door and porch, too!

I went ahead and moved all of my small flower pots on the ground next to the wall that is right in front of my patio door and under the kitchen window.  Well, welcome to Hurricane Season everyone.  Be safe.

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