You guys!  I started doing yoga!  I love fitness so much, and I love all the different kinds of fitness!  I do not know very much about it but I know that it is just like stretching.  Do you stretch?  Then you also must do yoga!  You pretty much already are doing yoga!

I have started practicing in my kitchen.  It’s the perfect spot in my whole apartment, until I move outdoors.  I plan to create a space on my patio where I can do yoga outside.  But my kitchen!  It’s clean, airy, narrow, with a hard wood floor.  It’s pretty.  My mirror fits perfectly near the end of my rectangular, narrow space.  There is a window I can open.  It’s dark enough for candles.  My mats fit on the side of the fridge for storage, as does my mirror.  It’s away from where ever my son might be in the apartment.  It’s private.  And the cabinets and counter help me to balance, and to hold my poses and to stretch!  I am becoming a yogi!  Do you yoga?!  (a yogi is a person who is proficient in yoga.)

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