The morning starts off right because you have plenty of time when you get up in the morning to shower and warm up the car and put clothes in the dryer to be warm for Cayden.  And time to stop in at the apartment, after swinging through to get breakfast!  Breakfast for him.  Drop him off at school.  Early!  And swoop in to grab breakfast for me.  And coffee.  My new usge.  At the new usge.

And get to work on time.  Early!  And have a very productive day at work!

Maybe the only thing that I did not do is work out.  But my Mom seems to be happy.  (I know, right.  I can’t believe I said it either.)  But I don’t look dead any more.  And I’m not too tired to be more productive at work in my new job.

I guess you can say that I’m concentrating on my career.  I’m starting my career.  In Higher Ed.  I have to have a career to be able to do the things that we really love!  And that I really love.  I can’t quit my day job yet.  And when something just has to give.  I can’t put off the only thing that puts food on the table.  So.  I have missed some workouts.  But, it’s a lot more than that.  What I have really missed, too, is being able to spend every last night in my own bed, in my own home.  I have missed my home gym which is Gold’s!  I have missed my 5 am workouts!  At my Gold’s!

Anyway, back to today!  J

And back to concentrating on my career!  My new career!  Back to focusing on my new career today.  Today was my 3rd Monday.  I’ll spend my 4th Monday next week, and the days that follow in that week, in San Antonio!  In training.  I cannot wait!  I really do think that this might be it for me.  My dream city!  Ha, but seriously.  I want to live in Central Texas, and I love!  The hill country!  So, why not take a better job at their main campus one day?  And make the move?!  Start my personal training business there.

So the new job is in the same building as before, actually.  The Houston Campus!

I can’t wait to check out Chuy’s Tex Mex and the River Walk.  And I really, really can’t wait to check out all of the gyms in San Antonio.  Especially the Gold’s Gym in the Quarry Market!!  (Did I say that right?  Anyone from or anyone familiar with San Antonio?!)

Anyway, Thank you to the people who have been lifting me up lately.  And whom I have felt were in my corner!  Also to those who really wouldn’t have it, who wouldn’t have me pouting, or put up with me feeling sorry for myself. Hey, we all have problems and stress.  Because who am I?  I mean.  My problems are no more serious than the next person’s.

Stop reacting to your problems people!!  Stop reacting to people, people!  Because, “How people treat you is their karma.  How you react is yours.”

My friends, I have been both the smaller and the bigger person last week.

And I have missed some workouts.  That is

I had a workout last on Saturday.  It’s crazy what all it can take or how much you can take, before everything, just, crashes!  I wish I could tell you about it!

I just need a little bit more time before I start hitting it in the gym again like I was!  I’ll lose these 10 pounds I put back on quick!  (Some of it was extra loss because of all the stress.  And I missed a meal or two because I was literally being pulled in every direction.)  I needed to not get sick, first.  To catch up on lots and lots of missed sleep.  Let me tell you that, leaning out, carrying less body fat on a tired, and weary body looks like death!  It scares people.  And they protest.  All at once.  (Hence, now the snowball effect.  I mean, everything crashed at once.  Just the roommate drama though alone was enough to drive a person mad!  Very serious roommate drama, now soon to be former roommate drama!

Training, working 2 jobs, hosting boot camp, co-hosting baby shower, enter ex-boyfriend I haven’t talked to you the whole first month of 2015, literally.  (We broke up New Year’s Night, after midnight.)  So, enter ex-boyfriend, who became now ex-boyfriend, again in less than a month!  (I think you get the idea?!  Lots to make training damn near impossible.  But, the mother!!!!)  But, you still don’t even know.  L

Wait, this was supposed to be about the perfect day, that was today.  Ahh.  So, it was the kind of morning, that it didn’t matter that you forgot your coat in your office Friday evening and it was super freezing cold outside right now.  You were stellar because you had Starbuck’s for like the 10th millionth time that week.  (I know, right.  I never even drank Starbucks until just a month ago.)  (But it’s okay, it fits my macros.  I drink my coffee black, no sweetener.)

And, everything you needed you had on that day, and what was misplaced was found.  And the stress is starting to finally go away.  Little by little.  You are feeling better, even if because you accepted defeat.  You have come to accept your recent failures.

And you have moved on.

And you get coffee again in the evening, but only after running by your post office box to grab your mail, and stop in for a box of Quest bars before they close.  But the guy at the Starbucks, who might have the same first name as you, is kinda flirty, and recognizes you by what you ordered, same as the day before.

You very coyly and smoothly answer with, “maybe,” when asked if you were just here the day before.  Just after you gave your order for a Venti- Vanilla Iced Coffee, with no cream.  Hey, then he complimented me on my jacket!  It’s white, and slick.  And Old Navy, a few years old, and less than 20 bucks!  Apparently, he thought I was much cooler for this.  Because I didn’t get charged for my coffee.  😀  And, maybe because he liked my ride.  My old, Honda!

sg  (feeling just a little better.)

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