Muscles. They don’t just deserve respect. They demand it.

I just love this picture.


I love black and whites.  And muscles.  I snapped this one last night.  Yesterday morning, was a kinda killer arm work out that I hope to repeat with my boot camp group tomorrow morning.

Just DBs and a stability ball!  For some benching, and pressing, and curling, and lifting and stuff.

Here’s a sneak peak; pre-stretch, warm up, stretch, and begin workout with getting that heart rate back up doing sprints or activity for 5 minutes with pauses, and rest, and walking.  Catch your breath, almost, and catch your balance.  Start immediately bench pressing with DumbBells until failure.  Sit up, and shoulder press with DBs till failure, stand up.  Curl to failure.  Pushups to failure, or 15-20.  In fact, failure or 15-20 for everything!  15-20 or 15 seconds of hopping, jumping, lunge jumps, burpees, mountain climbers, etc.  And then repeat 2-3 times.  Rest quickly, water and catch breath.  Get heart rate back up with sprints, across short ways on the field for 5 minutes.  And back for Round 2 of weights, scissor kicks, things while lying on back, leg lifts, and at the chair with ankle weights, etc.  And cool down.  The basic-basic, but round 2 for us ladies!!  And then some.

Oh, and community water, and music.  And to come, a tire, yes, a big tire for flipping!

Please excuse the random sneaker on the counter in this picture!  And also the home improvement project supplies that are in my bathroom at the moment.

Flex Friday anyone?!


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