Some contest thoughts.

This is my comment for the women just now on the FB page set up for the women participating in Labrada’s Lean Body Challenge!  ….

Recently I have been thinking about posts that I have seen in these past weeks in regards to women having their spousal or significant other’s support. I’m thinking, I hope everyone has talked with each individual person in their lives that this contest and this prep and these fitness goals affects, and asked them for their support up front and before getting started. ANd told them what that meant on their part exactly, and how they will be specifically affected, I mean really outlined if for them, almost like having them sign a contract even. But with pictures and examples. hehe.

It got me thinking… I know I have the support of my room mate, but moving forward in this contest, I need to make sure she really understands what that means on her part, if she is going to continue to support me 100% for me to do what it takes for me to reach by goal and be successful by said end of contest date. It is going to take her cutting me some slack and overlooking certain things on occasion, and other previous outlined expectations will temporarily be void. Breaking some rules, slacking on some chores. It’s the reason I may leave behind a couple dirty dishes, on occasion and by complete accident, even! Or forget clothes in the washer for more than a day, which never happens! Etc- Etc. I’ve pretty much done this with everybody else. But as soon as someone starts to say anything about anything, I remind them quickly of our agreement, and their fair warning, and this pre-understood agreement and made-up ‘contract.’

It’ll be the reason why I don’t go out of my way for house chores, or why I don’t offer to cook or help with meals, and why I sneak off to the gym and gladly take you up on any and all offers without returning the favor, necessarily, at least for during this contest prep!

Anyone else do this? I bet some of us didn’t realize the errors that would be our ways when we get tired or too busy. How could we know exactly where we might fall short.

And with my son especially, and having him on board!! He has agreed, and with a little sacrifice on his part, also. This has relieved me of so much stress though. AND, I don’t feel guilty now! I have refused to worry now about how I might be affecting others around me, at least for the duration of this contest! I have to let things go, and keep moving forward without missing a single beat. Sg.

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