Coaching a coworker, All in a good days work.

I sent this e-mail to my coworker tonight.  Well, I guess, technically, she’s kinda like my boss.  I work with her at my second job at a restaurant.  And I am helping her reach her fat loss goal in time for her wedding later this year.  She wants to lose about 55 pounds.  We can call her M.  This is my e-mail to her after work earlier tonight.  (Course, now it’s early Saturday morning, technically.)  This is who I just did the Nutritional and Training Plan for.  I am not certified and I have never actually coached anyone until her.  I think I was pretty on point.  My letter starts, and is me explaining to someone who I don’t think knows a single thing about nutrition.  Or weight training.  She doesn’t currently exercise, and is overweight.  And happily getting married later this year, might I add.  And also, very motivated, so she says…. 🙂  Anyways, I haven’t really mentioned her before.  Here is what I told her tonight.  I am very excited for this opportunity and have complete Faith in her!  My open letter to my co-worker;

Melea, a couple more things,

  1. First, guacamole WILL absolutely work!  It needs to be serious portion control, like you need to measure that shit out!  AND, you can’t just add it to your diet!  I will work it in. I don’t know why I didn’t even think of that in the first place! You could technically use a little bit more healthy fat in your diet as of right now anyway, but, the guacamole still has to fit your macros!!!  It might be too much fat!  You need to be careful what you decide that you don’t want to eat in your diet, and what you do.  They need to be equal substitutions!  If that makes sense.
  2. Second. That taco you ate earlier, what tortilla did you use?  (Just curious.)    That whole meal or taco or whatever, should fit your macros!  It’s a solid one of your six total meals.  It works, almost.  Plus, eat a veggie.  But, you probably still need the extra little bit of carbs and calories!  (Calories, because you will lose weight too fast if you don’t eat enough!)  That’s why, if that taco isn’t 400 or very close to 400 calories, you are not eating enough!  Hence, losing too much, too fast.  And that’s not healthy!  And you told me your concern earlier about extra skin!  Um, that’s where staying hydrated will help your skin, too.  (I can’t believe I forgot to tell you that you should be drinking close to a gallon of water a day!)
  3. Third. A quick explanation and reminder about getting your protein in!  But first.  You might should know that it can be equally as hard to get in all of your food that you are supposed to consume all in one day!!!  Meaning this; it’s just as hard to eat enough or all of the food in your diet for the day, as it can be just as hard to not blow it by eating too much.  It goes both ways.  Just saying again that you need to make sure that you eat all of the food your body requires.  And all the protein that is required for your fat loss goal!  I’m about to explain why you need the amount of protein that you do.

Okay.  BUT, this protein part, this third thing right here, this explanation requires a little bit more length, before I really tell you why you need all of the protein that you do.

Because it’s like this here, too.  Understand this.  There are really only a couple good explanations why you are overweight in the first place.  Either you have a medical condition or handicap.  You eat too much.  You don’t get enough exercise.  Or, this very important possibility.  Your metabolism is messed up and it really doesn’t matter if you are active a little, or don’t always eat too much, ect.  This is another reason why you need to be getting in all your calories.  It is so important.  Your metabolism requires it.  This is why we don’t skip breakfast.  This is why we don’t just eat once and twice a day, or worse!  Because your metabolism will get confused.  And hungry.  Your metabolism needs to constantly be working for you.  If it doesn’t know when it will eat next, then it will stop working and burning fat.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.  And, you WILL fix your metabolism by starting to eat smaller meals throughout your day!

Now.  Here is why you need all of the protein, exactly right here.  SO listen.  You need it because I already did the math.  Simple as that.  There.  And so we know you need the calories.  If you don’t get those calories you need from good protein sources, too, or from enough good protein sources, then those calories are going to come from somewhere else!  Fat, and extra carbs.  And what’s worse than fat and extra carbs, you might ask.  Bad fat, and bad carbs!  Or, you just don’t get the calories at all.  Maybe you did eat almost all your meals, and almost all your protein.  But then you’ll start to lose weight too fast.  Again, don’t starve yourself.  (Whatever the side of the spectrum you end up on, we will see and that’s why you don’t ever just see a nutritionist one time.  Every person is different.

  1.   Our Refried Beans.  Here we go.  Just don’t eat them.  Here is why you can’t eat our refried beans, so far, if for only this reason right here.  They might be ‘empty’ calories.  Like beer, or bad fats and bad carbs, or not as lean of the better kind of proteins!  (If that makes sense.)  And if they don’t have any beneficial nutritional value at all, then you’re still going to be hungry!  And OMG, don’t waste your calories!!!  You should be very hungry, especially your first week if you are hitting all of your workouts.  If you need some extra calories, and you might, if you end up being hungry all the time, then don’t waste them so early!  Maybe we learn real quick that your diet doesn’t even have enough calories in the first place.  We will see.  But, don’t starve yourself!  But remember, I did the Math for “aggressive fat loss of 1-2 pounds a week.”  If you look at the numbers, if you can read and understand your macros, then you should be able to see the wiggle worm so that you don’t hurt your diet and mess up as easy, if at all.  And keep that metabolism happy.  So, we also write it all down, because if we don’t, then we forget, and then we won’t know!

Okay, that’s about calories, the empty ones in things like our refried beans, probably.  Our refried beans have no nutritional value and are empty calories.  (I came to this conclusion earlier.)  Maybe beans should have fat!  (Still, I need to check out how beneficial the fat would be.  But, there isn’t even any fat, so.  Just.  No.  And I was also just trying to say earlier, that eating beans and rice at the same time would just be too many calories when you ate them with your taco, like closer to 600 calories.  So you would just have to choose one or the other, at a single time.  I hope that makes perfect sense.  But just don’t eat them.  (And I know we can do better than the rice.  Just saying.)

  1. Now, about that protein bar again!  The calories are perfect.  And the nutritional value.  I just feel like, having a protein bar around, or two, or a shake, or two, these are the things that are going to save your diet, and all your hard work if you find yourself in a crunch.  Like, when you forget your meals!  (That sucks!)  Or you’re tired, or busy, or didn’t get something done.  That’s really what protein bars are for. They still have nutritional value!  They fit your macros!  They work!  They will save your diet.  And they are easier to fit into your diet.  They can also be fast to eat.  Especially when you just slam a shake, because you’re hungry, behind the line, and you don’t have time to eat!  And please don’t wait more than 4 hours to eat, ever!  (If I knew your work schedule and when you planned to work out, I could tell you when to eat which meal!  And that could make some awesome differences for you, in every single way.)  And if you are serious, you already know exactly when and how you are going to have to get in the workouts, OR, you will figure it out eventually, and as you go and at your own pace.

Okay, that’s about calories, the empty ones in things like our refried beans, probably.  Our refried beans have no nutritional value and are empty calories.  (I came to this conclusion earlier.)

That particular protein bar, it has everything in it that you need!  It has nutritional value.  All the protein, which it’s hard to get equal parts of protein in every single meal.  You would need AT LEAST 35 grams per meal!!!  But if you eat oatmeal, then what else can you eat with the oatmeal to give you those kind of amounts of protein?!  That’s where my protein pancakes will compensate a little.  Anyway.

  1. I think that’s it. Oh, and I forgot to discuss your cheat meal with you!


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