Hey there.

I’m checking in officially to give you an update of sorts.

Sorry no pictures, but I am planning on taking some on Saturday.

I must say first now though, that being a part of the page that was created for us Women in Labrada’s challenge, their FB page, is really something else!

I am really impressed with how inspired it keeps leaving me.

And I keep seeing so much bravery, and dedication in women from all walks, of all shapes and sizes and ages, and on different fitness levels!  I’m not saying that to be hurtful.  I said from all walks, too, because we are all in different places, and going through different things, some of us with physical and emotional pain and trauma.  Or with serious physical limitations, or maybe it’s their budget, or whatever the obstacles, etc!  And these same women are seeing success!  Shame on me for not being as dedicated and driven and determined.  And, and and, still there will always be people who will look at me and wonder what the heck I have to be worried about.

Anyway, this Facebook page though.  And reading and going back and seeing some of these incredible updates and acclamations or truths and just their questions, too.  The same truths, and questions, and kind of acclamations as I, though from a different walk.  And then seeing all of the ways that everyone is helping everyone, and lifting each other up, etc etc!  It’s almost too much.  And there are no words.

Everyone is so helpful.

Keep on keepin on I guess.

Anyway, an update real quick, like I said.  (I started this post yesterday evening, and I’m finishing it this morning with my update.)

Yesterday, my nutrition was on point, though I was lacking some calories.  I made it to the gym again this a.m., 5 o’clock sharp!  For some fasted cardio.  A little harder this morning, even though I’ve been getting up all week!  Was a wittle hungrier.

BF% is under 20, (it’s been a point up or down), and I weighed in at 144 pounds!

Here’s how I’ve been doing.  Last week, I had extra days off after I lost a bunch of sleep late in the week.  But, I was still probably in the gym 5 times!  This week, too, I have gotten off to a bad start.  But, I have made it very much of a priority to get my sleep.  No.  Matter.  What.  Even though it was kinda out of my control last week bc of a deadline (which would later get me my job!)  Which is why I took the time to schedule my workouts in the first place.  However, unfortunately, there is not much wiggle room when I miss one, or if something that comes up that takes priority.  Eh.

I am okay with my progress because I started the contest and my workouts a week early, number one.  And two, because I am still down, and I finally did write out my diet, which I’ve started.  AND, I got the job I stayed up all night last week for practicing my mini-presentation I did for my interview!  So.  {Smiles.  Real.  Big.}  Totally.  Worth it.

Other accomplishments this week:  I finally wrote out my first nutrition plan for a friend.  I will absolutely share with you.  I only wrote her one week of meals, but plan to do 3 more weeks!  She’s eating more than 2000 calories a week, weighs 250 with a goal weight of 195 by her wedding later this year!  I just typed out the weight workouts for her, the same as we are doing for Labrada!  But it’s organized very well and pretty, and super explanatory, etc.  With macros, grocery list, and some little recipes!  Ha.  Written by me.  And with a personalized meal plan!

And, I am also just about done with the baby shower invites for my friend’s shower I am helping host!  It was created in power point, but I’m having them printed from Vista Print!  So, I am pretty proud of myself, I must say!  As I should be, and as should you!  Anyways, hustle hard my friends, and stay humble!  And help others!  Don’t give up!  Don’t settle!  There is always going to be someone that  has it much harder/different than you who is giving it their all, and maybe even more than you!

So, pics Saturday morning!  Have a great rest of your week.  Look out for the plan that I wrote for my friend!!  I’ll share it sometime later in the day, probably close to after my lunch time at noon!

PS, I joined Nicole Wilkins website yesterday.  I am now a member and have access to all of her training videos and workouts and stuff!!  So  Excited.  😀

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