Missing my workout, but still being a Rock Star?!

IMG_2811.JPGMissing my work out, but still being a Rock Star?

This week, still no tv.  Yes, 2 jobs, and I took off work from my day job today because I had an interview.  For which I prepared a 6.5 minute power point presentation.  Eek.  I work the night shift though at the other job, on Fridays.  So, still.  Just the facts, that’s all.  Busy lady.  And I missed my workout.  Pfft!

But before that, 2- 5am workouts this week, and one evening sweat sesh.  My rest day is Monday.  But I actually did not make it to my workout yesterday either.  ):  Like I said, GrRrRRrrr….!     /:

So.  I was up all night last night working on this thing, working on my presentation!  Right.  For this interview that I was going to nail today an all.  The reason why I took off from work today in the first place, and missed yesterday’s workout.  And, so yeah, I couldn’t go to the gym.      =-[

But I’m also barely getting my grocery shopping done, and writing this friend’s diet, and meal prep!  Oh, and this mommy- pull my hair out- kinda 2 hour waste of time on Wednesday evening that I had with my 10 YO!

What.  A.  Week.  I’m ready to get this show on the road tonight so I can be completely off from both jobs tomorrow and just concentrate on getting in the gym in the am and in the pm!

I really need a nap.  No Labrada products here yet.  Supplementing my diet and fueling my body with Quest Nutrition Protein Bars!  I feel behind, and stretched a little thin at the moment.  To be honest….sg

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