Labrada Contest Prep, part one. (:

Labrada Contest Prep, part one.  Getting organized on paper is absolutely part of my contest prep!

If you are doing this with me, you will need:

  • one composition notebook.
  • one 12 month calendar (mine cost just $1 from WalMart)


There are some notes in the beginning.  And pages that have already been ripped out of my notebook.  At first, I wasn’t sure just how this was going to benefit me at first.  Since then, one page per day, and that day’s workout is already taped to the top of the day’s page.  I typed up all of my workouts, from Labrada, and printed them out.  I cut them up and taped them on the page.  I also minimized the food logs so 2 fit to a regular sized sheet of paper.  They will be used in conjunction with my composition notebook.  They can tape to the back side of each page, but pretty much I should only need one per week, because I will be eating the same thing all week!

My workouts are all logged on my calendar.  I’ve only done this for the first month.  It was a little bit of work, but worth the time spent, trust me!  Blue highlighting for higher carb days for my leg and back workouts!  Pink highlighting will be for days I have conflicts in my schedule, not allowing me to go to the gym at my otherwise allotted time.  For example:  Tomorrow, Thursday, I have an evening appointment with my mom at 6 pm – 7:30 pm.  (I use several different calendars every year to stay organized in different areas of my life.)

HmmMMmm, the best way to share my new worksheets with you?!  ….but until then, copy and past from the pics at the end of my post.  My rest day is Sunday.  I will have to double up days for some weight workouts.  Do one weight work out in the morning, instead of cardio, and another weight workout that same day in the evening.  This is because of the conflicts for certain weeks.  I mean, come on, I am a single parent and I hold down 2 jobs.  But hey, no excuses!


Here are workouts for week 1 and 2, Days 1-5.  The 6th day is just cardio.  And we rest on the 7th day, whereever in your week that day might fall.  For me, I will rest on Sundays, for the most part.  Probably still some fasted HIIT cardio at least!

Well, I can do better than what’s below.  And I will.  Not going to add any more for the time being, since it is blurry a little in its larger format.  But you get the idea!

day one

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