Happy. New. 2015.

Hey guys, HNY! I got a work out in late today, after all the gyms in my area closed early.  BOOOOoooooOOo!

So, I settled for some sprints and light running at the closest high school track, the Woodlands High School Ninth Grade Campus.


These pictures were taken after!  I’m just getting really organized all day today, hence why I kept easily putting off the gym till much later.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.  I absolutely love new years!!

So back to the pics.  I always feel strong.  There are no changes in my body to report, except my weight is down.  I always feel strong.  But, I’ve been a little under the weather, and have been extremely busy picking up extra shifts while on Christmas vacation even.  (I work 2 jobs, so.)

So, what are my resolutions this year, you might ask?  Well, like past years, I still plan to do a fitness competition!  It’s on my calendar.  But I won’t talk much about it until I actually do it.  But basically, this year, I want to have some healthier relationships!  I want to finish more projects that I start!  I want to get more organized and stay that way!  I want to save some money!  Those are high on my list of things that are pretty important to me right now.

Cayden snapped the bottom pic.  What do you hope to accomplish this year??!!!


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