Gotta get it!


Just me. Wearing one of my favorite colors, purple. Me in my new shirt, and at my gym. Gold’s. Just finished up on the stairmaster! I am the stairmaster, master! And I am sweaty. I am tired. And I am hot. And I am hangry?!

I am soon to be on my way home, showered up, and ready for our Mexican Monday dinner night!!  WE both love to entertain!  (Me and my roomie do.)  We will try our hand next week at the best skinny margarita and I will share with you my secret killer recipe!


Shirt from Target. $14.99. by Champions.

Monday night cardio: 40 minutes.

  • 15 minutes on eliptical.
  • 15 minutes on the treadmill.
  • 10 minutes on the stair stepper.

Plust some light stretching!!


I love how my shirt is only semi-fitted.  It is relaxed and is body skimming. It goes nice over the tummy and alongside any love handles or fat over the waist/pants line. I just picked up a couple different new tops and I am in heaven. Going back tonight in my other new top to Gold’s again later! Thinking maybe some squats tonight and more cardio, light cardio? Oh, Happy 2nd Day of December!!

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