Muscles.  The Bulk Season.  Except, I started bulking early.  It was half by accident really.  Got up to almost 170, too.  My BF says I carry my weight well.  He is a little right, I kinda do.   Of course, fat is still fat.  And I feel fat!  Annnnddddd, my weight is the exact same as a week ago.  Pfft.

And I shouldn’t have eaten all that frozen yogurt the other night, either.  Who does that, the day before a big event, like ours at work for Thanksgiving yesterday, Thursday.  But it sure was good.  Tutti Frutti.  (get the coffee flavor with raspberry cheesecake.)


So, back to the gym.  I definitely wasn’t feeling it last night, but I guess now you know why.  I didn’t want to work out.  I couldn’t find something I wanted to wear.  Something that I felt comfortable in.  I felt fat.  In fact, C told me I was getting chubby.  To which I replied, ‘that’s why I’m going to the gym.’  Ha.  I was still full from lunch earlier in the day.  So I threw on my fave Dymatize tee, and dragged my feet out the door.

Note to self:  Don’t change in front of C.  😦  (He caught me in tight pants and a sports bra.  POor kid!)

This was my first full week of working out though.  Also, I hurt.  I hurt bad.  The good kind of hurt, you know the one.  The kind of hurt that lasts more than a day, that starts sooner than a few hours after you finished working out.  It was leg day Wednesday, and I killed mine!

So, I managed to get in about 45 minutes of some fasted PM cardio.  And stretching.  Lots and lots of stretching.  Cause, ouch!  My legs.  AND my butt!

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