Weigh-in and update.

32yo, 5’5″, 156, 21.6%BF, Mom.IMG_1844-0.JPG

I used a body fat monitor to get my own body fat reading.  Actually, I got a couple different readings yesterday, which was frustrating.  24.6 % though is very closely, approximately accurate and where I am at today.

I took some measurements, too.  After I ate.  Very important to record measurements, and step on the scale, and weigh yourself.  And to keep a journal, and to take before pictures.  It’s a very nice tool to have later, and to watch your progress over the years.  I have been doing this for years now, and it’s interesting.  Though I don’t have a ton of data or anything, but more than a handful of check-ins and weigh-ins, and at least one other time I took actual measurements from over the last few years.




When taking your measurements, you should really have someone else take them for you.  Just make sure to get them as close to accurate, with little to no room for error.

Take your measurements the same way, every time.  Let the same person measure you.  Make sure the tape is even, and snug, and that it lays horizontal all the way around the body part you are measuring.  Pretty easy!


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