Try this leg work out!


I am hardly all smiles yesterday after I finished this workout.  1 hour 20 minutes and 700 calories later…..

  • 25 min. warm up with stairs and eliptical.
  • Leg curls.
  • Leg extensions.
  • Lying curls.
  • Seated hack squats.
  • Dead lifts.
  • Standing hack squats.
  • 10 min. Cool down.

Now, slam that protein drink.

Feed them muscles!  (I did, plus chicken salad  And 2 tacos.)

My Workout:

  • 10 mins. stair stepper, 15 mins. eliptical.
  • I always warm up doing leg curls.  I stretch before, during, and after all my weights, between most sets!  So, I warmed up with 20 reps.  I did 4 sets, decreased reps every set, and increased weight.
  • Leg extensions, I did 3 sets.  Till exhaustion, increased weight, decreased reps.
  • Not a fan of lying curls.  Wasn’t feeling it.  Did one set and moved on.
  • Killed my legs doing seated hack squats!  Did 2 sets, one of 50 reps, and added weight for my second, and last set, of 40 reps!!  Try not to stop, or you will lose your momentum.  You’ll lose your pump!!
  • One set of dead lifts.
  • I did 3 sets of the standing hack squats.  They hurt!  I exhausted myself, added weight, dipped low!  They hurt bad!  That is all.
  • Cooled it down on the eliptical.  (I thought I was going to fall off at first, my legs were like noodles.)

My Meal Plan:

Raisin bran with milk.  oatmeal with 2 egg whites. Chicken with veggies, little mayo.  1.5 bagel pieces.  (extra carbs, some protein, fiber, no fat.)  a kid’s clif bar (more complex carbs.)  More veggies and chicken.  A shake.

Then I worked out.  Slammed a shake.  Had chicken salad for dinner.  Plus 2 soft tacos.

My Macros:

2851 cal:  50+ grams fo fat,  270+ carbs,  70+ sugar,  45+ fiber,  150 protein.

My Supplements:

Pre-workout Explode, Dymatize Protein, Fish Oil, Daily Multi.

My Stats:

5’5″, 150#, 32-SWF.  Ha!  Approx. 25 BMI, 23 %BF.


I consumed over my daily calorie intake, even for this workout.  Too many sugars!!!!  That’s mainly it, and too much fat.  You eat more fat when you eat less protein.  In this case, I was eating more protein and so I should have eaten less fat.

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