Transformation starts now.

Last night’s 60 minute leg workout:

  • 10min warm up on the bike
  • 5 mins of stretching
  • Leg curls
  • Standing hack squats
  • Reverse standing hack squats
  • Leg press

Feel good. Eating better this week. After a couple weeks of not eating good, like really not eating good, here I am. My weight actually got up to almost 170!

Last night I weighed real close to 160. That’s a lot of water weight. But I wonder how much is pure fat, if say, my BF% is right at 25%. And, I know you want to see some pictures!

Some before pictures. I wish I was strong enough to stay consistent 24/7, all year. I always have to start over and take more before pics. Here’s to not starting over any more. And to doing that fitness competition one day and sooner than later!!


I do not know how I can even begin the importance of taking before pictures.  And also, of keeping a journal!  Record what you eat, and when and what you do to work out.  Daily.  Mental Health is important!!  Since I am seeing a counselor, I might jot down how I was feeling during the day, maybe more than one time a day.  My journal isn’t so much as a Fitness Log, as it is my Health Journal.  For my mental and my physical.

One last thing!  Stretching!!  Just do it!!!  You read these things all the time, all of these tips and tidbits on exercise, and yet everyone neglects to follow said advice before an injury will occur.

Okay, so back to the before pics.  I let it get ugly.  My poor boyfriend, right?!  But, at least you guys can watch me transform my body, lose the weight, and then hopefully keep it off, and keep my bod slim!  I can be really good at putting on the extra poundage, but I know how to get it off, too.

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