Trending: New ‘office ball chair’ Alert!


custom balance ball chair

Custom balance ball chair, $63.98.

Shop Here.

Or mine is from Target.


Like this one,



Well, have you?  Could you?  Won’t you?!

I’ve actually seen 2 people doing this at my office.  I am going to bring a ball to work now, too.  My next office, I swear!  However, this is where I use my computer in my home.  I just picked up this ball yesterday for 20 bucks from Target.  It’s a large, at 65 cm.

I have had one before and I believe this is a must for every home gym/office!  Oh, how I have missed mine.

But check it out, they make them for kids!  My niece is prolly getting one for her birthday this year, now!  Ha.

Kids Classic Balance Ball® Chair

Kids Classic Balance Ball® Chair $55.98.

There’s just one more thing I need.  Another ball, so that I have one for at home and for at the office.  And at least one of these chairs and covers….

Balance Balls

balance ball cover


^^ This one is also from Gaiam, and though a bit pricier, it is definitely my favorite!

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