I lift. I squat. I run.


Honestly, I have not had to work hard to build these turtle shells.  #Genetics

And interestingly, I am carrying at 160 lbs., probably close to 23% Body Fat.  I can see the weight easily in these pics a great deal, even though at 160 pounds I still get a lot of positive attention for my shape and body.


Officially I am training at Gold’s Gym down the street from where I live.  I have frozen my membership at 24Hr Fitness.  I rarely use the gyms where I work and live, or at Fitness.  I do still enjoy running a great deal.  I am also about due for a track workout again soon.  This weather makes running long distance so much more enjoyable, as I am sure it would running sprints.


Yesterday’s workout.

Cardio/Warm up:

I warmed up on the eliptical machine for 10 minutes and really worked my arms!  Then I jumped on the treadmill, jogged at an incline for five and then picked up the pace and lowered incline for 5.  Lastly, I finished on the stair climber for another 10 minutes.


Back, chest, and tris.  30 minutes.

Below is a pic taken after a long day at the office yesterday.  Ha.  I just thought I’d share what I look like right now in regular, er, work clothes.  At 160 lbs, 5’5″, and 23%BF.  This is a new ‘before’ pic.  xo, stace


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