if you read nothing else today….

Whatever you do, try your hardest. Success is subjective.

You will not regret the things you did but those you did not do.

Always be kind. Love like you don’t know your heart can get broken.

If you’re angry or upset, sleep on it before reacting, please. The world is not a bad place, it is a magical one.

Not everyone is going to like you and thats ok. Lions do not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

Don’t rush anything. Forgive and forget, don’t hold grudges.

There is no excuse for being cruel

If you’re wrong, say sorry. Be brave, and take risks.

Surround yourself with the very best people.

Banish negativity!  Never be the smartest guy in the room,

if you are, you’re in the wrong room. Eat well. Calories aren’t worth counting.

Its ok to change your opinion. Try new things! Call your mom.

Discover new places. Don’t moan about it, change it.

Be proactive. Dont take things too personally.

Stop worrying so much. Be thankful for everything you have and don’t have.

Pay off your debts! Always keep your promises and don’t make promises you

can’t keep. You can say no”. You are awesome.

By: not me.

[Sorry, i do not remember where i found this on the web.  i typed it out to print it and changed little about it.  but really like it.  enjoy.]


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